Fair Trade Smartphones Are Now a Thing

Smartphones and other electronics have flown under the radar for many users in terms of their environmental and social impacts. However the tin, tungsten, gold, and other materials that are needed to make our devices work are often irresponsibly sourced from corrupt groups in parts of Africa.

Fairphone wants to change that. They source conflict-free minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo (where The Peace Exchange Seamstresses live and work), Rwanda, and other countries to create smart phones with a conscience. 

The Huffington Post reported last week that the company has succeeded in creating the first ever fair trade gold supply chain, partnering with organizations in China and Peru.

"With the support of our partners and assistance from Max Havelaar in the Netherlands, we have now set up a pilot project to source gold from Minera SOTRAMI S.A. in Peru. Minera SOTRAMI has 164 shareholders and employs 260 mineworkers and five engineers. The gold mined here meets the Fairtrade Standard for Gold and Precious Metals, which includes rigorous social, economic and environmental regulations as well as child protection policies. The mine supports 500 families and miners are guaranteed a Fairtrade Minimum Price and Premium that assists in sustainable development for the community."

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Yay for fair trade tech!