Fair Trade LA Feature on The Peace Exchange

It's always nice to have press, especially when it's from great folk at Fair Trade Los Angeles.  

Thanks for the feature!  

""What is The Peace Exchange? The Peace Exchange is a fair trade company that works in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We currently have two sewing centers in the Kivu region of Eastern Congo with our third center in the planning phases. With a monthly payroll of almost 40 artisans, we have a direct connection with the women, their families, and their overall well-being. Our goal is to empower women through fair trade and in return the women have a commitment to us to keep their children in school. Empowering women and educating children, that is our ethos. We work hands on with our seamstresses and are very committed to their growth as well as the growth of the Peace Exchange. Currently we are expanding to Nepal and will have artisans programs in the near future working in creating jewelry.""

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