Go Fund Me for Growth in Fair Trade

Check out our GO FUND ME Campaign to help grow our fair trade efforts in Congo.  

As we are taking our annual trip back to DRC this summer, we are excited to move into a new facility.  We are partnering with great Congolese friends and leaders as we find positive growth in helping women via fair trade.  As change takes place, we'd love your help in the process of being in a new sewing center.  To help make this change seamless, click here to learn more and get involved.  Thanks in advance for your support.

Laguna Beach Farmer's Market April 23 + San Francisco!

It's a big weekend for The Peace Exchange!

First, we will be at the Laguna Beach Farmer's Market tomorrow, Saturday April 23! Stop by the corner of Broadway and 3rd to check out our fair trade goodies and pick up some Mother's Day gifts (It's only 2 weeks away!) Our market totes and yoga bags make excellent gifts and we have new prints—straight from the Congo—to choose from.

Following the farmer's market, we will be heading up the coast to San Francisco for the Wanderlust 108 event on Sunday! We will have our own table in their vendor village, and we can't wait to spread the fair trade, nonprofit message to the Nor Cal yogi community. Send us happy thoughts, and stop by either event if you're around!

Our Yoga Bags are heading to Wanderlust

OM! Yes, that is right - we are heading to Wanderlust with our own non-profit booth this year.  It is all about theYoga Bags, Yoga Bags, Yoga Bags! 

If you are in the San Francisco area this Sunday, April 24 - join us at Golden Gate Park.  Look for all the fun African wax-print fabrics and that will be our bright location.  

Yoga Bags will be on sale with $5 off only for this event.  

We will also be connecting with yoga teachers for our new Yoga Ambassador program with The Peace Exchange.  

Look forward to spreading the fair trade and yoga love!

*Wanderlust is a yoga festival supporting all things zen:

Kindergartners give goats to the women of the Peace Exchange...

El Morro kindergartners raised money to buy goats to help families in Democratic Republic of Congo

El Morro kindergarteners in Mary Blanton’s class raised 105 dollars to buy three goats for families living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, through the Peace Exchange program...

To see the full article, click here: