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The Peace Exchange believes that on some level we are all connected. Our ethos is to empower and uplift others through art and design. Artisan Fair Trade centers and strategic partnerships are created around the globe, giving a platform to under-represented populations. We empower and educate through sustainable jobs creating positive change.  


Our latest fair trade line comes from Kenya using Snare Wire

The Snare Wire Art Story:
Snare wire is as cruel as it is indiscriminate.  Primarily a tool for poachers, snare wire is used to immobilize any animal that is lured into its deadly trap. Wildlife has no way of escape, and once trapped, all animals are reduced to a statistic when poachers return to collect their victims.   
On the look-out for poachers, a park ranger’s job also includes the removal of snare wire traps.  Surrounding villagers have found a way to re-purpose this deadly wire into a variety of artistic shapes, which are as useful as they are attractive.  Re-purposed snare wire art generates desperately needed income for local artisans.  Support of this effort helps bring awareness to the horrors of snare poaching and has a direct affect in helping to save wildlife! 
The Peace Exchange has partnered with Walk for Rangers offering a unique snare wire collection.