We are heading back to Congo...
Hosting a Leadership Training for Women!  

Yes! We are committed to helping women in leadership and fair trade growth. In August, we are traveling back to Congo.  As we continue to grow in our fair trade work, we want to focus on giving our seamstresses special leadership/fair trade trainings.  One of our very own team members, Rachel Spartan, will be making the trip to implement the new program at our sewing center located at Un Jour Nouveau, partners of Africa New Day.  She will be spending one month in the Congo focusing on leadership workshops and fair trade programs.  We have created a special leadership curriculum for women to help in their artisans growth and fair trade experience.  

Rachel is an artist/entrepreneur and served with The Peace Exchange for the last two years. Her truest passion is to see all women come into abundance... Abundance in leadership, spiritual alignment, abundance in relationships, community and in personal economy.  The Congolese woman is especially strong and resilient, and her beauty of spirit inspires Rachel to continue doing the work she does.  Thank you for your kindness, prayers and support as Rachel takes the journey back to DRC in August.  We will be posting videos of her time in Goma, so stay tuned! 

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