Heading back to Congo,
Leadership Training for Women  

In August, we are traveling back to Congo with continued growth in our fair trade work.  One of our very own team members, Rachel, will be making the trip to implement fair trade workshops at our sewing center located at Un Jour Nouveau, partners of Africa New Day.  'Women of Congo' is a three-month leadership training offered to empower women in the region that will go hand in hand with our fair trade workshops. We have created a curriculum for women to help in their artisan growth and fair trade experience. 
The cost of the fair trade workshops and Women of Congo program is $250 per seamstress. 
Our goal is to pay for 7 women to attend the workshops with a fundraising goal of $1750.
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The Peace Exchange - Sustainable Fair Trade is a US registered non-profit organization 501c3.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Our Leadership Team member Rachel is an artist/entrepreneur who serves with many organizations and who has been with The Peace Exchange for over two years. Her truest passion is to see all women come into abundance... in leadership, spiritual alignment, relationships, community and personal economy.  Rachel is the co-founder of Fair Trade Long Beach as well as an advocate for human trafficking.  Rachel works in the field of fair trade and documentary film to bring awareness to social issues. 
Thank you for your kindness, prayers and support as Rachel takes the journey back to DRC.
We will be posting videos of Rachel's time in Congo ~ stay tuned!